Upcoming project for Microsoft

I have been working on a project w/ ZedInk, creative & experiential marketing agency located in LA for Microsoft for the past few months. It's been so exciting also I've been working non-stop, but I feel so lucky to be able to work on such a DIFFERENT and FUN project w/ great clients. And here's a sneak peek, please stay tuned for so much more on May 2. Thanks! :) #MicrosoftEDU

TOYOTA Corolla 3rd Ads

It's so appreciated when a client you worked w/ before comes back for more work - it means they were happy and I'm happy. I worked w/ InterTrend Communications, creative agency, CA for new TOYOTA Corolla 2017 ads, which I had really fun time with and proud and they wanted to work on the 3rd Ads that is quite different and unique, finding a perfect way to integrated a picture and illustration. So here is the final Ads and hope you like how it's turned out. - Creatives actually asked me to draw a dog walker in it, which was AMAZING! :)

TOYOTA Corolla 2017 Ads - 2nd Mural

It turned out the 2nd mural I worked on for the TOYOTA Corolla 2017 has been published last month. Some projects would take a little longer to launch - I mean a good couple of months at least - and sometimes you just forget about it completely but then when you find out it's out in the wild later on, it brings all the excitements so here I am being excited! Here is a link to the 1st Ads if you're interested. http://www.heyheysu.com/toyota/

HOW Design Interview

It's so flattering to be interviewed as always. Just keep on talking about how AWESOME *blush* I am? Oh yesss. It makes not only feel good about yourself but also kind of helps you to look back and appreciate what you end up with even more. Thanks to Scott Kirkwood for the sweet write up and making me sound pretty cool. - I had some interviews before but he really made a big effort to get to know me and showed a lot of interests in my work and I'm so grateful for that. 

Here a link if you want to check it out, hope you enjoy it.


Dr. jart+ Holiday Packaging out at Sephora

I'm so excited to share this year's new holiday packaging I collaborated with Dr.Jart+ launching at Sephora this week. It's always weird to work on holiday stuff during the summer when it's boiling hot, which also kind of makes you more excited about holidays and sweater season. I have teamed with Dr.Jart+ and working together quite a while now and I have to say how wonderful client they are and makes my skin keep nice by giving me so much free products. :) thank you!

BARC Animal Shelter Mural

I'm a huge sucker for animals, especially dogs are my favorite pet EVER so we volunteered to walk dogs in BARC shelter in our neighborhood and that's how we met this little pup name Dutch. Now he became the most loved member in our family and we can not be happier. Recently I went back to BARC shelter to do a mural for them hoping it can be a bit of help for dogs to find their furever home soon. It was so much fun and I got to meet lots of lovely people and dogs. Thanks to BARC family and special thanks to Vinny. :)

Please visit BARC shelter and ADOPT your best friend!

IGORTA Campaign

I had a great opportunity to work with an awesome agency brokaw on a campaign for RTA Transit in Cleveland, Ohio, which you can click here to see. Now there's a bus wrapped around with the illustration I created runs across the city. It was genuinely one of the most fun and enjoyable projects I've ever worked on. If you're happened to be on that bus, hope it makes your commute a little brighter. Thanks for the picture Christopher Darling.


Hyundai M card

First of all, I'd like to share how much I LOVE pina colada!!! - I very recently tried it for the first time with my dear friend Anne Emond and it was so tasty. The reason I wanted to try it so badly was because of this great opportunity to work on a series of illustrations for the Korean credit card company Hyundai M card. One of them is HOW TO make pina colada, which sounds so delicious. - I love my job for so many reasons and once this AD told me that he loves what he does and one of the reasons is that he always finds something new to learn either it's a fact, information or even great knowledge that he was unaware of and I def understand where he's coming from and I'm grateful for it.