As an illustrator, I rarely meet ADs or CDs that I work with in person because we live in this amazing world Internet does the jobs for us and I kind of like that since I'm a bit shy and talking non-sense when I'm nervous. However, this project proved me wrong and made me realised how wonderful to meet people and get to know each other in person and working together to make the best of it. I had this amazing opportunity to work on a project for MicrosoftEDU event in NYC doing a live drawing also a mural at the venue and since the project involved a several rehearsals beforehand I got to go places and met an amazing team who behind this event. Thanks so much Katie, Sara, Deb, Chris, Andrew, Ariel and Sue at ZEDINK who made my heart aches and Bob, Panos at Microsoft who are one of the most inspiring people I got to meet. :) click here to see more about the project!