Poetry Foundation by hyesu lee


This summer has been real hectic and crazy dealing with a lot of exciting news and stressful personal matters plus fast turnaround deadlines on top of that, don't get me wrong - they are all very great stuff and I'm feeling greatful however, I can't help feeling so overwhelmed by it. And I had no time to do any personal work or even doodles, which made me forget how fun to just draw until I had this assignment for Poetry Foundation about the work poems. Thanks AD Cassie for being so understanding and going with my stick figure sketch and I had such a great time working on it. Hope you guys like it, too. 

Microsoft Inspire by hyesu lee

One of my new years resolution goals for work was a work trip. I know it may sound dumb but for someone like me who hardly leaves their cave drawing and drawing until they meet the deadlines, it is just a perfect situation that combing of getting out of their cave and getting work done. And I got to do that recently for Microsoft for their partner event took place in Washington D.C. this year. I did a live drawing for 4days using the Surface Studio creating a DC map as well as portraits of people I met and saw at the event. It was a lot of fun and my first in DC enjoying a bit of being a tourist. Thanks to Maria, Kalin, Parker and Dale at Microsoft!  

Advertising Age by hyesu lee


I had a great chance to work on an editorial assignment for the current Advertising Age issue. It was quite a fast turn around and challenging article to illustrate since my brain goes black when I'm in a panic mode, which I was. :) However, like it always has, the more I doodle out my ideas, the clear the visual became so here's a full page and check out quarter illustration & GIF shortly on my site. Thanks to AD Tam Nguyen. 

Collaboration with Crown Royal by hyesu lee

I'm super excited about this project I collaborated with Crown Royal on a mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to celebrate generosity.(in the corner of N11th & Wythe Ave) I honestly met so many wonderful people from Crown Royal, MKTGBig Block and many more, thanks everyone for making this project so meaningful and wonderful. I will be posting all about it to my website shortly so please stay tuned. Thank you.

#MicrosoftEDU by hyesu lee

As an illustrator, I rarely meet ADs or CDs that I work with in person because we live in this amazing world Internet does the jobs for us and I kind of like that since I'm a bit shy and talking non-sense when I'm nervous. However, this project proved me wrong and made me realised how wonderful to meet people and get to know each other in person and working together to make the best of it. I had this amazing opportunity to work on a project for MicrosoftEDU event in NYC doing a live drawing also a mural at the venue and since the project involved a several rehearsals beforehand I got to go places and met an amazing team who behind this event. Thanks so much Katie, Sara, Deb, Chris, Andrew, Ariel and Sue at ZEDINK who made my heart aches and Bob, Panos at Microsoft who are one of the most inspiring people I got to meet. :) click here to see more about the project!

MURAL for FCBCURE by hyesu lee

It's always flattering and nerve-wracking to do a mural for offices because it feel almost like painting on someone's personal wall that they need to see it everyday(I guess they can paint over it if you dislike it). And when it turns out just like what I pictured in my head, it brings me such a joy and excitements. I had this great opportunity to work on a mural for the FCBCURE's new office in NJ over the weekend with a great help of my dear friend Rumi Hara. Basically we paint and eat and paint and sleep for three days straight to finish the mural, which was quite fun yet intense. Hope everyone at FCBCURE enjoys the mural. Thanks for the project to CD Steven who is so awesome and Leland who puts together this amazing video!

Upcoming project for Microsoft by hyesu lee

I have been working on a project w/ ZedInk, creative & experiential marketing agency located in LA for Microsoft for the past few months. It's been so exciting also I've been working non-stop, but I feel so lucky to be able to work on such a DIFFERENT and FUN project w/ great clients. And here's a sneak peek, please stay tuned for so much more on May 2. Thanks! :) #MicrosoftEDU

TOYOTA Corolla 3rd Ads by hyesu lee

It's so appreciated when a client you worked w/ before comes back for more work - it means they were happy and I'm happy. I worked w/ InterTrend Communications, creative agency, CA for new TOYOTA Corolla 2017 ads, which I had really fun time with and proud and they wanted to work on the 3rd Ads that is quite different and unique, finding a perfect way to integrated a picture and illustration. So here is the final Ads and hope you like how it's turned out. - Creatives actually asked me to draw a dog walker in it, which was AMAZING! :)

MKG core value poster by hyesu lee

I had a great opportunity to work w/ a creative agency MKG illustrating one of their core values "Cheering on our family team." It was def a lot of fun for me to marry my characters to more of creative contents in a very cheerful setting so thanks to design director MaryAnne at MKG for the assignment!

USPS Holiday Ads by hyesu lee

I had a wonderful opportunity to work on a project for United States Postal Service for the past two months, which was quite intense and amazing at the same time. The campaign is for the holiday season and I worked with lovely creatives at MRM//McCann. It was a total surprise to find this promotional brochure I worked on from USPS in my mailbox and yes it def made my day. Here's a link to USPS site if you're interested to see more work.

TOYOTA Corolla 2017 Ads - 2nd Mural by hyesu lee

It turned out the 2nd mural I worked on for the TOYOTA Corolla 2017 has been published last month. Some projects would take a little longer to launch - I mean a good couple of months at least - and sometimes you just forget about it completely but then when you find out it's out in the wild later on, it brings all the excitements so here I am being excited! Here is a link to the 1st Ads if you're interested. http://www.heyheysu.com/toyota/

HOW Design Interview by hyesu lee

It's so flattering to be interviewed as always. Just keep on talking about how AWESOME *blush* I am? Oh yesss. It makes not only feel good about yourself but also kind of helps you to look back and appreciate what you end up with even more. Thanks to Scott Kirkwood for the sweet write up and making me sound pretty cool. - I had some interviews before but he really made a big effort to get to know me and showed a lot of interests in my work and I'm so grateful for that. 

Here a link if you want to check it out, hope you enjoy it.


TOYOTA Corolla 2017 Ads by hyesu lee

It's so exciting when you get an email out of blue from an ADs/CDs for a possible assignment that sounds like right up your alley, and of course it makes you appreciate even more. A lot of times, I found myself in a situation BIDDING for "big jobs", and when I don't get the job - even if I'm aware of the fact that its just a job that I'm not a right fit for -It creates self-doubt. Anyway, this was one of those rare gigs I received a full support/no bidding/no self-doubt and I can not appreciate it more. So hope you like how it's turned out and wait for the second ads coming out in November!

Here's a TV commercial

Kiplinger's Finance Magazine by hyesu lee

I had a great opportunity to work on an editorial assignment for Kiplinger's finance magazine. Since the subject matter is quite heavy, - the best way to plan your funeral - we decided to take a light and upbringing direction on the illustration. Thanks to AD Yajaira for the assignment!

Dr. jart+ Holiday Packaging out at Sephora by hyesu lee

I'm so excited to share this year's new holiday packaging I collaborated with Dr.Jart+ launching at Sephora this week. It's always weird to work on holiday stuff during the summer when it's boiling hot, which also kind of makes you more excited about holidays and sweater season. I have teamed with Dr.Jart+ and working together quite a while now and I have to say how wonderful client they are and makes my skin keep nice by giving me so much free products. :) thank you!

BARC Animal Shelter Mural by hyesu lee

I'm a huge sucker for animals, especially dogs are my favorite pet EVER so we volunteered to walk dogs in BARC shelter in our neighborhood and that's how we met this little pup name Dutch. Now he became the most loved member in our family and we can not be happier. Recently I went back to BARC shelter to do a mural for them hoping it can be a bit of help for dogs to find their furever home soon. It was so much fun and I got to meet lots of lovely people and dogs. Thanks to BARC family and special thanks to Vinny. :)

Please visit BARC shelter and ADOPT your best friend!